Aloe Leaf Powder

Aloe Leaf Powder

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For Aloe Vera powder, the leaves are dried and milled / ground up. It offers very flexible uses. The powder is used in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, and more. Aloe leaf powder is a good source of dietary fiber. It is a concentrated variety of Aloe Vera. The powder can be integrated with water, juice, and served. Also, it is used in medicines, makeup, lotions, or a number of other products. We offer natural, pure Aloe Leaf Powder, which is both simple and effective. Also, we keep up with thoroughgoing processing, safe packaging and affordable price.

Property & Composition :-

It's a homogeneous, uniform powder, and light cream to pale sandy in color. It is tasteless, water soluble, and has a slightly veggie odor. It comprises Salicylates, Acemannan, Anti-Oxidants and other Minerals. The Aloe plant is grown in Northern Africa, America, Asia and Europe. It has many healing and nutritional properties.

A Range of Uses :-

  • Cosmetics, Soaps, Toners, Skin cleansers, Body lotions, Sunscreen, Talc Powder, Shampoos, Creams, Conditioners, Face wash & moisturizers, Toothpaste, Bath Tea, etc.
  • Aloe Vera powder is added in ointments, massage oils, etc.
  • Powdered Aloe Vera is utilized in many beauty aids, and helps with aging, wrinkles, and more.

Feature :-

  • The extract is easier to store, and has a long shelf life.
  • Cost-effective, and easier to pack and ship.
  • Easy to mix with various chemicals, such as makeup and medications.

Safety & Precautions :-

Avoid the aloe powder in diabetes and surgery case as it might affect level of blood sugar.