Arachis Oil

Arachis Oil

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Arachis Essential Oil is derived from Peanut (Arachis hypogaea), a food crop with worldwide significance. The peanut is obtained from an yearly and everlasting flowering plant that belongs to pea family (leguminosae). Soil that has equal blending of silt and clay with necessary drainage facility, warm and shaded area that has access to sunlight are ideal for the cultivation of peanut. The plant of peanut requires dry as well as hot weather condition when it matures. The maximum height of its plant is 1 feet. Procured from peanuts, the peanut oil has distinctive taste and this vegetable oil is accessible in cold pressed, refined, roasted and unrefined forms.

Extraction :-

This oil is extracted from the kernels of Arachis hypogeea.

Attributes :-

  • Botanical Name : Arachis Hypogaea
  • Synonym : Groundnut Oil, Peanut Oil
  • Family : Leguminosae
  • CAS NO : 8002-03-7
  • Appearance : Virtually clear
  • Aroma : Light, Nutty and fatty aroma

Applications :-

  • Used in preparation of foods.
  • Used as a solvent for intramuscular injections.
  • Used as ingredient for preparations such as enemas, wax softeners and skin medications.
  • Excellent Moisturizer and very nutritious.