Thymol Crystal

Thymol Crystal

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Thymol crystals are the white hardened substances, which emit a pleasant aroma and are incorporated with several antiseptic properties. Having a strong flavor, these have their origin in culinary herb thymes, which is a part of a naturally occurring grade of compounds titled as biocides. Many studies have evidenced the germicidal effects of thymol, compassing from antibiotic condition in medicine-resistant pathogens to powerful antioxidant properties. Incorporated in lipids made of thyme, these extracted crystalline substances are the natural monoterpene derivatives of cymene.


Extracted via solvent extraction technique, these are taken out from the leaves of Thymus vulgaris and some other floras in sort of a white crystalline matter.

Chemical Conduct

  •     Slightly dis-solvable in water at neutral pH.
  •     Highly soluble in alcohols and several other organic solvents.
  •     Can be dissolved in in strong alkaline aqueous mixtures.


  •     Utilized in dusting powders as well as alcohol solutions for the treatment of ringworm contagions.
  •     Used as the preservatives added in anaesthetic, antiseptic and halothane.
  •     Taken in utilization as the rapidly degrading as well as non-continuous pesticide.
  •     Useful as the medical bactericidal or all-purpose disinfectant.

Remedial Properties of Thymol crystals

  •     Human platelet aggregation activator
  •     Antioxidant
  •     Anti-fungal
  •     Pulmonary disinfectant
  •     Antiseptic
  •     Expectorant & cough suppressant
  •     Carminative properties